J&DSON - Procurement and Consulting

J&DSON is a purchasing subcontractor specializing in Costing of BOM's, Cost reduction and integrated purchasing activity, for local and foreign projects.

Before you decide to manufacture your product as a TKP (Turn Key Project), you should ask your self several questions:

Do I know the real cost of the BOM?
Do I know the real quantity/cost of the components surpluses?
Do I know what is the optimal production kit according to the MOQ/MPQ?
Does your production sub-contractor perform cost reduction activities at all?
Do they share the cost reduction with you?
Do they have the manpower to submit to this matter?
Is their purchasing department is a traditional one or is it innovative?

We can answer those questions and more!

J&DSON manager have rich experience with purchasing activity and served as purchasing manager in leading high tech companies. Have extensive connections with suppliers and manufacturers in Israel and abroad and had leaded local and international negotiations with top components manufacturers.

We operate differently!

The BOM is checked with traditional suppliers and parallel' with alternate suppliers and/or manufacturers.
In the end of the costing/cost reduction process, we send you a detailed table with the BOM's part numbers, with the cost for a single board, the cost for the whole kit, qty/cost for the surpluses, recommendation for the optimal production kit, and alternate suppliers and manufacturers.

We are doing our out most to supply you the tools to perform, the best and optimal deal for yourself.

J&DSON provide as well a full computerized purchasing services which include RFQ's, Purchase Orders, Follow up and Shipment Coordination to a designated location. All the activities are done with full transparence to the customer.

Among our customers:
Radcom, Radwer, Ktec, Metalink, Wisair, Wavion, ODF, USR and more.

J&DSON - Procurement & Consulting
Yaniv Evron – CEO
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